Youth ppREp™ Club

The Youth ppREp™ Club was launched as an educational, empowerment tool for helping young people to become involved in properly acquiring, preserving, and disposing of real estate.

How Can Youths Become Empowered?

Youths can become inspired, strengthened, and empowered to envision their full potential by taking the first step and becoming a Youth ppREp™ Coordinator.

Youth ppREp™  Coordinators:

Youth ppREp™ Club Coordinators, between the ages of 7 and 18 years old, would be responsible for scheduling guest speaker forums; introducing guest speakers; facilitating interactive study circles; organizing club activities; and, distributing quarterly newsletters.

Youth ppREp™  Coordinator Benefits:

  • Elevated Level of Self-Esteem & Pride

  • Communication & Organizational Skills

  • Effective Time Management Skills

  • Leadership & Management Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Skills


Youth ppREp™  Club Enrollment

The Youth ppREp™ Club is now open and accepting membership registration from all youths between the the ages of 7 to 18 years of age.

Simply, send an email (with your name, direct contact number, and the age of the youth(s) you would like to register) to and one of our ppREp™ Specialist will reach out to you and explain how you can begin activating your Youth ppREp™ Club membership. Mandatory: All email requests, for the benefit of minors, are to be submitted by their legal parent(s), guardian(s), and/or custodian(s).

Youth ppREp™  Club Benefits:

  • FREE Club Membership

  • Online Club Calendar

  • Online Club Photo Gallery

"The creativity, resourcefulness and determination continue to shine - especially in our youths."

Click to access our Youth ppREp™ Club calendar for upcoming announcements and events scheduled by our Coordinators.

P.O. Box 46708 · Raleigh, North Carolina 27620-6708 · (804) 304-7514 Direct ·(804) 451-1594 Fax

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